Why choose me as your coach?

As James Altucher said, “theres always a gap between 'what I have now', and 'what I’d like'. And that gap is all your excuses”.

I was sitting at the bar and my friends were moaning. They wanted to work less, travel more, enjoy time with the people they love. Feel more fulfilled. It resonated.

I was stuck and lacked purpose in my life so I surrounded myself with others who felt unfulfilled. Things were OK on the surface but something was missing.

My friends were complaining over their lack of options. I was unfulfilled because I wasn't growing, exploring. I didn't have the option to do so. I couldn't afford to travel, take time to find my passion, help others. All the things that bring us fulfilment and purpose.

So I took action. I read. I mean I really read. Anything I could get my hands on. I delved into our psychology. I studied cognitive behavioural therapy, neuroscience and neuro-linguistic programming and things became clearer.

By understanding our own psychology we could get rid of limiting beliefs and take action to live the fulfilled purposeful life we all want. I started coaching, and helping people reach their goals. It was life-changing.

But I missed my first passion. Teaching. I have over 10 years teaching experience and I wanted to merge my love of teaching with my passion for self-development. So I did.

I started helping people become better teachers, assisting them to create engaging and interesting schemes of work, curriculum that are progressive and impact students lives. I coached others outside of the educational sphere. Maybe they wanted to start their own coaching practice, to improve their work performance, or to work through limiting beliefs to find and follow their passions I had found what I was meant to do.

Now it no longer a financial question for me. I am in a situation where I am able to offer coaching and mentoring to the people who deserve it for free. Whether you are a charity, NGO, or a youth group - I want to be involved in helping underprivileged people educate themselves and live with passion. I particularly want to help young people so if you think I could be of service them please get in touch!


Why choose me as your consultant?

What is the most important aspect to your educational institution?

Its allowing students to ask themselves questions they wouldn't have before. To engage with the world in ways that were not considered. To be better human beings and have the life and social skills to contribute to society. Without these skills  they can’t serve. They can’t contribute.


I wanted to be the best teacher I could be. So building interesting and engaging material and schemes of work that help my students grow and contribute to the world they live in. I spent so long looking for a magic formula. A short-cut. A life hack. But it all came down to working hard and and gaining experience.

So I voraciously consumed books on curriculum design, lesson planning, schemes of work and noticed a lot of the material hadn't been updated with how we live and work today. The world had advanced. We lived in a digital era. I wanted to merge the best of old and new. The tried and tested techniques with the latest developments in society.

Anything I thought that could be relevant to sales I studies the patterns and I created a framework. I tested, tested and tested and now I have my own framework that truly add value.



With over 10 years’ experience in education, coaching, and entrepreneurship – I am a qualified teacher (PGCE, CELTA), am Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certified (ABNLP), and Hypnotherapy certified (CMA). From 1-1 session to public speaking in front of roomfuls of people my teaching and training experience covers many bases.

I have been incorporating human behaviour, neuroscience and psychology into my teaching, coaching sessions and workshops to create profound change in individuals, students and even corporations that educate, encourage growth, transform performance, and ultimately results. As well as consulting with schools and institutions I have also helped various start-ups (Pescetarian Pleasures), consulted with multi-nationals (Black Tower Financial Management), and I have the experience and know-how to get results.

Apart from my educational training and mentoring I also offer tailored services (Success Coaching & Barcelona Power Weekends) that identify the real goals and desires of the client, and develop the new thinking and behaviours necessary. We will move through the process of finding and maximising your strengths, and developing strategies to move in the direction you want in life, until you achieve your desired outcomes.

Although my passion is teaching, I also have entrepreneurial experience (www.photoshootbarcelona.com & www.numptymonkey.com) and am the presenter of ‘The Start-Up Show’ (www.mixcloud.com/thestartupshow) through (Barcelona City FM) where I interview entrepreneurs and discuss their tools and strategies.


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What my clients say

Tom really helped me with his sales psychology frameworks, and learn how to apply them. He made me accountable for my tasks I had to really make good use of my time. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs coaching when starting up a business; he really helped me to get my project on the right track, and most importantly, get sales.

Charmaine Williams Blogger at Pescetarian Pleasures

I found Tom invaluable in helping me clarify decisions that needed to be made, specifically with increasing sales. That’s the great benefit someone on the “outside looking in” can provide. Tom has a great passion for wanting to help clients in achieving their objectives and puts enormous effort in to understanding your business and your thought processes. I recommend his services to anyone that is serious about getting onto the path to success quickly.

Darren Lingham Director at Paragon Internet Group

Tom has great energy and enthusiasm that feeds into his work. His curiosity to learn more, helps him and his clients to gain deeper insights into any situation creating a great foundation for long lasting shifts, particularly in increasing sales.

Emma Bradford Life Coach and Co-Host of The Life Manual

There were a couple of key areas of business, notably my sales psychology, that I had skirted around and not fully addressed, albeit subconsciously. Tom has posed and helped me answer all the right questions, getting to the root of my life priorities, as well as helping me find solutions to them that make me even happier. I can’t recommend his services enough, it’s made a really big difference.

Brendan Cox Animator and Designer at Brendan Cox Design Studio (brendancox.co.uk)

There were so many personal and business benefits gained from Tom’s coaching and sales psychology strategies. The invaluable techniques he introduced me to helped me reach the outcomes I  desired. He helped implement sales frameworks that made myself and my team more effective and profitable. Tom has made a genuine difference to my life, in work and out of it. It really was a fantastic partnership.

Luke Forrest Business Development Manager at Black Tower Financial Management Group