“It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right.”  - Mark Hunter


  • Free mentoring and consultancy for any charity that works with underprivileged young people. This is my passion so its not about the money. - Mentoring and Consultancy
  • Certified boutique NLP training with maximum 8 students. If you find a course with better Teacher to student ratio I will make sure I match it. - NLP Training
  • 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied with course - NLP Training
  • Guaranteed measurable progress and 100% money back guarantee if client not totally satisfied - Success Coaching.
  • Life-changing personal and business coaching with team of experts. 100% money back guarantee if you don't feel tangible results - Barcelona Power Weekends.


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Tom Payani NLP Training & Coaching

What my clients say

Tom really helped me with his sales psychology frameworks, and learn how to apply them. He made me accountable for my tasks I had to really make good use of my time. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs coaching when starting up a business; he really helped me to get my project on the right track, and most importantly, get sales.

Charmaine Williams Blogger at Pescetarian Pleasures

I found Tom invaluable in helping me clarify decisions that needed to be made, specifically with increasing sales. That’s the great benefit someone on the “outside looking in” can provide. Tom has a great passion for wanting to help clients in achieving their objectives and puts enormous effort in to understanding your business and your thought processes. I recommend his services to anyone that is serious about getting onto the path to success quickly.

Darren Lingham Director at Paragon Internet Group

Tom has great energy and enthusiasm that feeds into his work. His curiosity to learn more, helps him and his clients to gain deeper insights into any situation creating a great foundation for long lasting shifts, particularly in increasing sales.

Emma Bradford Life Coach and Co-Host of The Life Manual

There were a couple of key areas of business, notably my sales psychology, that I had skirted around and not fully addressed, albeit subconsciously. Tom has posed and helped me answer all the right questions, getting to the root of my life priorities, as well as helping me find solutions to them that make me even happier. I can’t recommend his services enough, it’s made a really big difference.

Brendan Cox Animator and Designer at Brendan Cox Design Studio (brendancox.co.uk)

There were so many personal and business benefits gained from Tom’s coaching and sales psychology strategies. The invaluable techniques he introduced me to helped me reach the outcomes I  desired. He helped implement sales frameworks that made myself and my team more effective and profitable. Tom has made a genuine difference to my life, in work and out of it. It really was a fantastic partnership.

Luke Forrest Business Development Manager at Black Tower Financial Management Group

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